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Real Estate; Why Shop Local?

“Real” Estate Tips

Why is it important to shop local when looking for a real estate broker to help you buy your new dream castle or sell your established farm?

Local knowledge pays. Community involvement counts. Support for local and worthy causes matters.

It can be difficult in a small town to pick an agent, especially if you know several and don’t want to offend anyone, or feel uncomfortable in working with a friend or relative.

But here are some tips on choosing the right agent for you, and that is the key component – who is right for you? Are you new to buying and selling and really don’t have a clue what you are doing, or a seasoned real estate guru who simply needs help writing up a deal? Do you like the concept of high pressure in small, confined rooms with hot lights burning down on you, no offer of water, and several people in polyester suits trying to get you to sign on the dotted line, or does a no pressure, “go at your own pace”, “when it is right for you its right” sales professional seem to be more up your alley?

The beauty of it is simple – it is your decision. You are the boss. You make the rules. You go at your own pace and don’t let anyone speed that up.

Local real estate professionals know you. They know this town and they certainly give back. They know the lenders who are best-suited for your type of loan and your particular style. They know which Title company is the most user-friendly, communicative, and professional. They know the inspectors who will give you an honest opinion for a fair price.

They buy lots of Christmas wreaths they don’t always need, because it helps a kids’ club. They get Girl Scout Cookies when their doctors said, “Back off the sugar!”. They donate money to the local food bank or clubs that give heating fuel assistance to those in need.

They live here. They work here. They invest here. And they know “here.”

It is always makes me smile when someone on Social Media asks, “Can anyone recommend a good real estate broker?” People start firing back names because they know the person or are related to the person. But my best advice? Check out the names. See who lives here, works here, and sells a lot of real estate here. Are they in the business full time, or in it recreationally to pick up a few sales each year to fund a trip to the Islands?  How is their reputation? Ask the title companies or lenders who they recommend.

Shop local? It just makes good sense.

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