Meet Michael Kemry

Meet Michael Kemry, one of our awesome agents, and who has an entrepreneurial style and demonstrates versatility and care for his clients. Michael is also the Manager at the Keizer Office and likes being able to grow a new office and cultivate his business. He also enjoys helping new agents learn the ropes to be successful in real estate. Michael has a wonderful family. His spouse, Johanna, works on the front lines in the COVID unit at Salem Hospital. That means Michael understands not only how to navigate the world of real estate, but also take the right safety precautions, and what it truly means to be an essential worker. We thank you, Johanna, for the incredible work you are doing. And, Michael, we are thankful to have you around to offer your leadership with our growing team!

Meet Michael Kemry
Michael and his beautiful family!

Leadership and Community

Michael grew up in a family that had investment properties. He is was aware of how real estate can help benefit families first-hand. This is where he received some of his entrepreneurial spirit. Later on, Michael managed Petsmart in Salem, and learned some of the other leadership skills that he uses today. However, while managing the Petsmart, he began to realize with a growing family that he’d like to have more flexibility to be with them. That’s where the idea of real estate became more clear. The mix of being able to grow his own business while also being present for family seemed like a wonderful pairing. So, he got his license and began his career in real estate.

This flexibility also allowed Michael to pursue other things being on the board at Shangri-La, of which he now the Vice President. Shangri-La is a non-profit organization specializing in, “helping individuals with disabilities and families with disadvantages recognize and achieve their potential.” He grew up with people who had mental disabilities. He finds this community-based volunteer work rewarding.

Michael takes the worry out of the equation for his clients, so the focus can be on making some great memories.

Serving Client Needs

Since spring, Michael has become more adept at meeting with his clients virtually as well as utilizing technology to both showcase listings and provide more valuable information to his buyers about homes on the market. He has adjusted his business well and takes important safety precautions. For example, Michael has made it a priority to limit the amount of in-person meetings while still being personable with his clients. He also does 3D or video tours for his listings in order to fully show all the home has to offer to increase buyer interest.

Our Team

We are proud to have Michael as a part of our team, and we are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes program, which may help provide savings to essential workers just like his wife, Johanna. At BST Realty LLC, we are a community of people who care about our clients and bring the utmost experience to the table. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate, we are here help serve you and your unique needs. As Michael puts it, “One of the most rewarding things is helping people through a stressful time. It’s my job to worry about things. I’m here to shoulder the stress of the situation.” We couldn’t agree more. Let’s take that journey together in real estate and make some amazing things happen!

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