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Meet Dixon Bledsoe

Meet Dixon Bledsoe, REALTOR® and former owner, a foundational piece to what makes BST Realty LLC simply the best. It’s hard not to know of Dixon. He is a key player and a valuable contributor to our community. When it comes to real estate, he brings decades of wisdom and savviness that few can match. Dixon believes in his heart of hearts that people deserve good representation no matter what. He loves to help people reach their goals with the most successful outcome possible.

Meet Dixon Bledsoe

How it Began

Dixon played an integral role in putting what is now called BST Realty LLC on the map. He and Lisa Santana, sole Owner and Principal Broker of BST Realty LLC, teamed up around 2008. Their successful partnership led to them starting a local brokerage together. Brittney Black, Principal Broker, also came on board at the time and provided wonderful support to the blossoming local business. Over the year’s their success grew. Dixon has since transitioned from partner and is an amazing contributor to BST Realty LLC. The brokerage has grown into a thriving business sales increasing each year and more wonderful agents coming on board to the team. After all, when you provide simply the best service, you tend to attract people of the same caliber.

Wisdom and Expertise

When it comes to expertise, Dixon’s wheelhouse covers a lot. He’s a certified Fine Home Specialist, a Home Residential Specialist, and a Military Specialist. From millennials to seniors, Dixon loves the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients. This is also true for types of properties. Dixon loves working in residential, rural, commercial, and much more. He offers a lot of knowledge, and he’s also not afraid to go figure it out. The world of real estate is constantly changing, so being adaptable and a problem-solver is crucial when it comes to being successful.

As you can tell, Dixon is a person you want to know. Especially, when it comes to real estate. When Dixon isn’t focused on real estate, he enjoys spending time with his family. He’s got some lovely granddaughters he spends time with, and he also likes to tee off at the golf course. Dixon also deeply cares about his community. He’s involved in many local organizations, and he wants people to realize that everyone plays an integral part in lifting each other up. If you ask Dixon whether his glass is half full or half empty, he’ll let you know, “My glass is half full and I’m darn glad to have a glass.” At BST Realty LLC, we are so proud to have Dixon as a champion on our team. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, Dixon will meet you with wisdom, honesty, and integrity every step of the way.

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