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Keizer Office – Quadruple the Sales

The Keizer office has been doing some wonderful things. We are also excited to announce that the Keizer office has more than quadrupled in sales within the last couple of years. Yes, you read that right! At BST Realty LLC, we love seeing how each of our offices is flourishing. Michael has cultivated the office in many ways. This includes agent recruitment, providing valuable training, and service to the community.

Leadership is key when it comes to steering the ship. Of course, it’s due to our wonderful agents that we have also thrived in real estate. We are thankful for such a great team. For agents coming on board, we provide flexible plans that fit your lifestyle as well as a supportive community environment. In addition, we equip you with the technology to succeed with your clients. The Keizer office is located on River Road. When you enter the building, it’s warm and welcoming. And, we even have a mural painted by a local artist of Keizer that adds to the charm. There is also a special piece that we hold dear. It’s making sure that we’re supporting the community. It only makes sense that if we are thriving, we make sure we lift others up, too.

If you have bought or sold a home with us within the last year, a portion of the proceeds has gone to supporting community services. These include wonderful organizations such as the Keizer Community Food Bank, Keizer Fest, Shangri-La, and much more. We are so thankful for the support from our community. We will continue to strive in offering simply the best service. After all, that’s what we believe our clients and the greater community deserve. Give us a call, and let’s start this real estate journey together!

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