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Meet Sophia Kuznetsov

Meet Sophia Kuznetsov, one of our wonderful agents at BST Realty LLC! Sophia is an expert at new construction. She understands all that goes into a newly built home. Sophia is an excellent mix of not only having immense attention to detail, which comes in handy with selling new homes but also maintains a laidback and patient attitude throughout the entire process. If you’re wanting an agent who will put your mind at ease while also going through the details with a fine-toothed comb, Sophia is your agent!

Meet Sophia Kuznetsov

Sophia’s Pathway to Real Estate

Sophia also has experience in bookkeeping and accounting. While doing this type of work, she began to think about wanting more flexibility with her growing family. It was quite the natural fit when her dad, who is a developer, approached her about becoming a real estate agent. Not only could she spend more time with family, but she could also pursue her interest in homes and construction. Mary Cam, Broker, introduced Sophia to BST Realty LLC. Sophia chose to become an agent with us for many reasons, but one was the flexibility as well as liking to work for a local company rather than a big corporation like she had in the past. We are so happy that Sophia is a part of our team

When Sophia isn’t doing real estate, she’s spending time with her family. She jokingly says that her kids’ hobbies have become her own. This includes attending sporting events like softball or soccer. And, she likes being out at the coast and taking the kayak out as well as settling down with a really good book. All in all, Sophia’s goal for her clients is to ensure that they have the smoothest and easiest time possible in their real estate journey. She is there to help advocate for her clients to make sure they reach their goals. If you’re in the market of buying or selling homes, give Sophia a call! 

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