The Back Doors of Silverton

Silverton, like any small town, has it’s own DNA. It is as unique as the people who call it home and full of all the color and life that they bring to it. I know I am biased by my own love for this city, but I do believe in the magic of this place.

I find magic in what goes on behind the businesses that make up our fair city.  I have often walked through town enjoying the simple bustle of business going on in each building I passed, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of what goes on behind these buildings. We have our own cultures in each alley and back door that butts up against another back door.  You may see each other only when taking out trash or recycling boxes but your shared spaces become your neighborhood. In our little back alley you may find a line cook, a florist, a barista, or real estate broker. This made me want to look closer.

What I have found is,  these are people who care. They care about the details, the small things that make a big difference. They want to remember how you take your coffee and who your brother is. They tend to sweep more than their share of sidewalk, and shovel the snow off for their neighbor. They want to water the flowers for the business next door and ask about your daughter who is sick. They want to know you and respect that we are all doing essentially the same thing: providing local services to people where they live.

Am I looking through rose colored glasses? Maybe, but if you listen and watch a little closer I think you will see it too. The beauty is in the care taken in the mundane tasks. It shows a respect for not just our town but the people who live, work, and play here. I am proud to be a part of this culture and feel a responsibility to uphold this standard of service and care.

So next time you stroll by, come on in and say “hi”. We are as happy to sit and drink coffee with you and talk about the price of gas as we are to do business with you. I guess what I am saying is, Silverton’s  back doors look a lot like their front doors.

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  1. What a great look into the soul of Silverton. Nice images and excellent piece of writing!

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