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Beautiful History

Beautiful History

History is present whether we can see it or not. It is there whether we see it in a craggy brick building or hear it’s tall tales told between two old men at the barber shop who were alive to see it happen. Good or bad, it is part of who we are. I love that so much of Silverton from yesteryear still stands to show us where we have come from and to give us clear vision of where we are going.

If you walk through any part of our town you can see it in each building that has stood the test of time. Where years have written lines upon each piece of architecture. You hear it in the “You know, where the old J. C. Penny’s used to be.”, or “The Subway where Boedie’s used to be”.  This town has held on to the beauty while still embracing the changes that come with time. Many may call it “highbrow”, but I call it heritage and a respect  that revitalizes what already exists.


I applaud those who recognize the run down home or dilapidated building as a chance to revive the glory that has been lost. Those who see value where it doesn’t show and have eyes that can see past peeling paint, broken windows and well worn floors. When a building stands for a hundred years it sees many generations and witnesses lives as they come and go.



If you are a fan of reuse, recycle, and refurbish this is the ultimate example. Taking care of what is already here and bringing back to life the forgotten. What a pleasure it is to see homes get a second or third chance at being great again and to watch new business bring life into an old building. The face is always changing but the heart is the same. What story will we leave the next generation of Silverton?

We can help you find your piece of Silverton so you can write the next chapter in the pages of our town.

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