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“Endive” into the heart of local produce!

Take a peek into Silverton’s very own Belgian Endive production

A Fresh Face in Local Produce

The Belgian Endive is here! It is no secret that Silverton is home to many treasures, but you may be surprised to find some of our newest flavor comes all the way from The Netherlands. Wim and Anja Vissers transplanted their family and  delicious Belgian Endives here into the rich Silverton community and soil just over two years ago. Their dream of bringing Belgian Endives to the Willamette Valley brings our dream of fresh, diverse local foods and products closer to a reality.

For the Vissors it is a family affair and they all participate in the prep, planting and harvesting of the Endives. From farming to marketing to recipes, they do it all! These delicious endives can be found in local restaurants such as Nostrana in Portland and you can buy them fresh at E. Z. Orchards, Roths and Food Co-op pop ups. Both Wim and Anja are so great at sharing the art of what they do with their community and have really embraced this Willamette Valley with their huge hearts. So, make sure you find some of these treasures to try for yourself and if you are fortunate enough to run into the grower take some time to learn new things and make new friends! It will be well worth your time and your life will be richer for the experience!


Some of Anja’s favorite Endive recipes can be found at EndivesDiva


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