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Here’s Johnny’s!….Barber Shop!

There are few landmarks as iconic as Johnny’s Barber Shop in Silverton. It is as if time pushed the pause button both inside and out of Johnny’s shop, but the hair cuts are cutting edge.

The Barber shop at 204 Oak st. has been a Silverton establishment for 48 years. Johnny Moye purchased it 6 years ago but has been a barber for 25 years! Johnny says one of his favorite things about being a barber in Silverton is making new relationships with people on a daily basis. “I love making people look and feel their best.”- Johnny

Both young and old make a steady stream through the door coming out spit shined and dapper. Don’t let Johnny’s no nonsense attitude fool you into thinking he is stuck in the past. He turns out as many teenagers with fly cuts as he does good ole boys with their classic crews!

I can tell you first hand that Johnny delivers quality barber services to our community! Just another Silverton treasure!

You can find Johnny’s at 204 Oak St., Silverton OR! Johnny’s is a walk-in business so swing by for a fresh cut and when you are done come next door and we can help you with all of your real estate needs!

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