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Clean, Green Shampoo Bar Machine!

Think Green!


There is a new company making a green splash in the Willamette Valley! Silver Falls Sustainability Co. Locally owned and operated by Garron Lamoreau, also a school teacher at Butte Creek Elementary in Silverton and married to our very own BST Agent Rebekka Lamoreau!

When asked why he started Silver Falls Sustainability Co. Garron answered,

“I started a Green Team at Butte Creek where I teach. I learned two things that really changed my outlook on the products I used. The first was that plastic isn’t really recyclable. While aluminum or glass can be recycled infinitely, plastic can only be recycled into a lower grade, and only a few times before it just becomes garbage. And this was before China stopped taking our plastic recycling. So as we started trying to reduce our plastic, I came to realize that consumers have very few plastic free options. We wrap everything in plastic. I think most people want to create less waste, but companies aren’t giving them that option.”- Garron

“We are inspired by the natural beauty of the waters in forests of Cascade Mountains of Oregon, and driven to help protect our planet. Sadly, today it’s hard to walk even the most remote trails without coming across plastic litter.

“We want to give consumers better options than single use, disposable packaging. Following a zero waste philosophy, our amazing, natural products are only packaged and shipped in materials that can be reused or recycled. And we never use single use disposable plastic. Never.”- Silver Falls Sustainability Co.


You can find these fabulous Shampoo Bars here in Silverton at Roths, or visit their website below and follow them of facebook! Nothing better than home grown!!!



While being a green consumer, you can also be a smart shopper and contact Rebekka Lamoreau for all your home buying and selling needs! Just click the link below to visit Rebekka’s website or giver her a call!

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