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Home Town Tradition

Home town traditions run deep in Silverton. For as long as I can remember Silverton’s Homer Davenport Days has been the highlight of the year.

Growing up near the park, I remember braving hot pavement in my bare feet so as not to miss a second of the festivities. The magic that is in the air when our town comes together as a family is almost tangible. You can almost see it twinkling in the air and you can most definitely smell it in the aroma of fresh elephant ears and golden brown corn dogs. You can’t just come once you have to visit many times to fully embrace the experience and try all the food and drinks!

From the parade to the classic cars to the couch races and all that food in between, it is certainly full of home town spirit!

This year’s Homer Days runs August 3rd-5th and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the celebration! Here is a link to the Homer Davenport Days page for a lineup of events! See you there!!!

Homer Davenport Days 2018!



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