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Food Co-op kinda thing!

Local Farms. Sustainably Grown. Healthy Food. Accessible to All.

That is the what the Silverton Food Co-op is all about.

With a dream to be open by 2020 the co-op is quickly gaining momentum in our community. Being in the middle of an agricultural area like the Willamette Valley and being a community that truly values it’s people and resources it just makes sense to have a food co-op. Silverton has had a love for farm to table living for a while and there are several restaurants in town that strive to provide this.

Becoming an owner is easy and affordable. There are over 500 members right now and the goal to get to 700 members is just around the corner. The benefits to members are many but the primary goal is to provide healthy local products to the community while keeping revenue where we live. Here is the link to the Co-op website for more information on membership and what it means to be a co-op.

Silverton Food Co-op

Here at BST we really value our community and believe in programs that sustain a local lifestyle. We believe and want to shop local, work local and live local.

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