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The art in what makes us different is as beautiful as art itself. If you haven’t stopped by The Silverton Tattoo Company and chatted with Luke Sims yet, you are missing out. Luke opened his shop in February of 2016 and has been making people happy ever since.

Luke’s art is the real deal and people say it doesn’t disappoint. He is hugely passionate and a real stand up guy. He has a giant heart and it comes out in his work. It is thrilling to watch him turn a jumbled vision in your head into a gorgeous masterpiece that you couldn’t love more….truly remarkable!

When I asked Luke what he loved about his business here in Silverton  he said, “Making people happy by giving something to them that they can love the rest of their lives. I love Silverton, the people, the landscape, its attention to the arts, and there isn’t a better place to raise my kids. I love that they can run around town with little worry. I like that bears are a bigger threat than the type of things I grew up with; crime, gangs, helicopters and gunfire.”- Luke Sims


You can visit The Silverton Tattoo Company on Facebook and Instagram. Click the links below!

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