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Christmas in Silverton..a remarkable little hamlet we call home!

Christmas in Silverton; A Remarkable Little Hamlet We Call Home!

One of the things we love best about real estate is bragging about our special little niche in the beautiful Willamette Valley to those who visit us with thoughts of moving. After all, Oregon is still the number one moving destination in the United States.

I really do love this area. It is so ideally situated for almost anything a person could want to do or see. The Coast is just an hour and a quarter away. Portland, with its incredible restaurants but inexorable traffic is less than an hour north. Fishing and hiking opportunities are virtually everywhere, from 15 minutes away at Silver Falls to the amazingly stunning Jefferson Wilderness area and Opal Creek. Seattle is under four hours to our north, and San Francisco is a scant 10-hour drive to the South. Better yet, why even leave the State when there is Crater Lake, trophy trout at Diamond Lake, The Ashland Shakespeare Festival, and a soon-to-be world class Botanical Gardens (with killer Coconut shrimp on the Resort menu) a mile from downtown Silverton? The Oregon Gardens is spectacular and a must see.

Even better? Christmas time and the Holiday season in Silverton. The Garden does a wonderful holiday event, offering a canopied forest of Christmas lights, an ice-skating rink, vendors with a variety of food, drink, and wares to sell, and smiles all around.

Downtown, there are quaint little shops featuring antiques and collectibles, incredible offerings from the area’s plethora of wonderful artists creating gifts from a variety of genres, and the Mid-Valley’s biggest screen offering first-run movies at half the price of metro theaters. The Palace Theater is in the heart of town, and the Full-Reel Deal is hard to beat. 

There is Caroline, sitting in sunlight or December’s chill, knitting for Breast Cancer victims and awareness. Always smiling. Donations are always appreciated.

There is Chuck’s Books N’ Time, with a generous selection of new and used books and an update on goings-on about town.

There is the Live Local Coffee House interspersed between the famous Lunaria Gallery and The Magnolia Tea Room not far from Mack’s Place, a pre-1900 creek side eatery with stories galore.

Joel Autrey’s Wine Bar is a lovely place to sample wines, dine on his gourmet offerings, and gaze at Silver Creek. Make sure they save a piece of Joel’s Key Lime pie for you.

Everywhere you go, there is a collectibles shop, an art gallery, awesome dining, and the smiling faces of locals just waiting for a question to answer – directions, best Thai food, where is that new convenience store, Silverton Stop N Go,  Dusty and Jolene Ferschweiler just opened downtown, and how is the Silver Grille for dinner? (Mind-blowing, by the way).

This is a remarkable little hamlet we call home. It is a perfect and eclectic mix of people, businesses, activities, and stories. Perhaps it is time to start creating your own story. I’d start with the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony December 7th. It is Norman Rockwell personified. Santa lights the tree with a little magic gold dust after a few thousand revelers count down. Stores are open with cocoa, cookies, a bit of wine, appetizers, and a lot of good cheer. Try the Christmas Karaoke in front of Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC at 206 Oak. First Friday at Christmas – It’s what we do!


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