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The Craft Of a Craftsman Style Home

Silverton is full of Craftsman

You don’t have to travel long or far to see some really gorgeous craftsman homes right here in Silverton. Here are a few gems encountered on just a short walk through the heart of town. Even in the winter grey of the Willamette Valley, these beauties shine.


According to Wikipedia

“The American Craftsman style (along with a wide variety of related but conceptually distinct European design movements) was developed out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, which began as early as the 1860s.

The British movement was reacting against the Industrial Revolution‘s perceived devaluation of the individual worker and resulting degradation of the dignity of human labor. The movement emphasized handwork over mass production, with the problem that expensive materials and costly skilled labor restricted acquisition of Arts and Crafts productions to a wealthy clientele, often ironically derided as “champagne socialists“.

While the American movement also reacted against the eclectic Victorian “over-decorated” aesthetic, the Arts and Crafts style’s American arrival coincided with the decline of the Victorian era. The American Arts and Crafts movement shared the British movement’s reform philosophy, encouraging originality, simplicity of form, local natural materials, and the visibility of handicraft, but distinguished itself, particularly in the Craftsman Bungalow style, with a goal of ennobling modest homes for a rapidly expanding American middle class.” – Wikipedia


Here are some defining characteristics of a craftsman style home.

  • Low-pitched rooflines, usually done in a hip or gable (triangular) style
  • Wide, overhanging eaves
  • Exposed rafters under the eves
  • A covered front porch
  • Pillars lining the entry
  • Double hanging windows, which have separate panes of glass on the top and bottom
  • Single, protruding dormers
  • Prominent fireplaces
  • Nooks and Window Seats
  • Built-in storage
  • Plenty of natural materials, such as wood


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