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Shop Local, Invest Local

Shop Local Is Investing Locally

Shop local, invest local – Many people encourage us to shop local. There are good reasons to do so, and with the holidays approaching, it becomes even more important.

It has been said that most businesses fail within the first two years, for a variety of reasons. Right idea, wrong timing. Wrong idea. An expectation that the business is going to become profitable the moment the doors open. Too much competition. Not enough of a market for a niche idea. Perhaps the assumption that a great florist will automatically be a great business owner. Whatever the reason businesses fail, there are even more reasons why they succeed. Right idea, right timing. Cash reserves until the business takes off. Great market research.  Little competition. Impeccable service. Unique product.   

Why shop local? Here are my top ten reasons. 

  • The “proprietor” is a friend, relative, acquaintance who had the guts to start a business when the odds of success are stacked up against him or her. They need our help and support. 
  • Small businesses help make up the character and charm of small towns. Look at Silverton and Mt. Angel, Stayton and Sublimity. Aumsville, Jefferson, Turner, Scio, Lyons and Detroit. Imagine Mt. Angel without the Glockenspiel, both clock and restaurant, or, heaven forbid, Bochsler’s Hardware.  I’ve been going to that store for decades and only two times have they not had what I was looking for. And the place is jammed to the gills, yet the courteous, professional staff always know exactly where my item is. Think about Silverton without Mac’s Place (Circa 1890), or the Palace Theater, where you can get a first run movie, a tub of popcorn and a drink, and the largest screen in the Valley (with awesome sound and plush seats), for half of Salem prices. And what about Joel Autrey’s Silverton Wine Bar and Bistro? 
  • Empty storefronts are bad for business. Vibrant businesses are good for business collectively.
  1. Urban renewal dollars help revitalize the downtown. Open and healthy businesses contribute urban renewal dollars and business taxes to keep the town’s epicenter sharply dressed, running smooth, and attracting those important tourist dollars.  These businesses create jobs. 
  2. The dollars spent here stay here. Nothing gets “wired” to corporate. Shop local, invest local. 
  3. It is a friendly, cohesive group of small business owners. They “cross-promote” each other. They want each other to succeed, and friendly competition is just that. Friendly.
  4. Parking is cheap, and most business owners walk to their shops so that the disabled vet and the mom with three littles can park in front of their store. 
  5. To shop local, you get to know your neighbors, fellow parishioners, students, and local leaders. 
  6. Gas is not cheap. Time is often scarce. Paying a dollar more in Salem and spending an extra four dollars in gas to get there and back takes at least an hour, not counting shopping time? Maybe do the math? 
  7. Dan Satern at Guild Mortgage and his son, Brent Satern of Country Financial just treated over 300 kids and families to the Disney blockbuster movie, Frozen 2, November 23rd. The ticket included a $3 credit for snacks and pictures with the movie characters. Stu Rasmussen, owner of The Palace Theater, gave the two business leaders a deal. Kids had a blast. Roth’s Fresh Markets has given millions of dollars in contributions, goods, services, and candy (kids attending parades look for the Roth golf cart because they know something good is coming!). Your local business owners and their crews never saw a Girl Scout leave their store without having sold a box (or 10) of their world-famous cookies. The Little Leaguer raising funds for equipment and tournaments by selling candy bars and the marching band needing instruments and uniforms? Yup. Local businesses made that happen. The lady hawking sausage at an Oktoberfest booth so your kid gets a scholarship to college?  She owns a small business. The man setting out parking signs for Homer  Davenport and the stores giving your little ones a safe place to show off costumes and get treat during the Goblin Walk? They all do this because they care about and invest in the community they live and do business in. We need to care about them, as well.  November 30th is National Small Business Saturday and succeeds the chaotic Black Friday. Shop local. Invest local. 

Check out Silverton-Mt. Angel Shop Hop

Shoppers pick up a passport at participating shops & restaurants and between November 29 & December 17 visit a minimum number of businesses to have their passport stamped to qualify for the drawings.

Shop Local; Invest Local in Real Estate

Shop Local Properties for Sale

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