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Why Have a Home Inspection?

New Home Inspection

Why have a home inspection? As real estate brokers, we are often asked about inspections. “Should I have a home inspection on a new house?”  “What about a radon test?” “Are sewer scopes important?” “Is testing for lead base paint important?”

Why Inspections? Why Not?

The answer is relatively easy – Safety matters. Protecting your most significant investment matters. Your family matters. 

Let’s Start with a Home Inspection

Let’s start with a home inspection. What you see is not always what you get. That really cool attic where you can stand up and also envision storing holiday decorations…did you notice the mold? Probably not. A professional inspector will. Did you notice the siding is rotting because it comes into constant contact with the moist soil and plants? An inspector is trained for that. How about that roof that looks almost brand new? My inspector thought so, too, until he got up on the roof and noticed that it was horrible. The seller had simply spray-painted it black. Looked new. Kind of like that old phrase, “It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.”  True story. 

Why have a home inspection on a new house?

Why have a home inspection on a new house? You might feel it is unnecessary and throwing good money after bad because to get an “Occupancy” permit, it just passed inspection. It did pass the building code inspection. A professional home inspector (private) is also the perfect person to help you create a punch list, which is a list of things you want the builder to do prior to moving in. You may know them as the “Blue tag special”, where inspectors will put small pieces of blue tape on areas that he or she wants the builder to correct. A cracked tile in your brand-new island. Paint blotches on your living room wall. Stains in a new carpet. One of our inspectors noticed that the gas meter was upside down. The gas company was going to charge the buyers $1500 to turn it right side up but because of the inspector’s diligence, the builder paid, correctly so. 

The Truth About Sewer Scopes? Part of the Home Inspection

Why a sewer scope? These are inspecting the sewer line that goes from your home to the City sewer main that can be damaged by excavators, rodents, and tree roots. We even recommend sewer scopes on new homes, because contractors and sub-contractors can do damage unknowingly. The repair can be costly, so it’s worth it!

Home Inspections and The Radon Test

Why inspections for radon? Easy. It can kill you. And the tests cost about $150. You can purchase a kit at the hardware store is even less, although you have to capture the sample and send it to a professional lab. It is a naturally occurring gas, and it can be deadly. The mitigation is pretty certain, too. For about $1300 to $2,000, you can have a system installed by professionals that can make your family safe. 

Home Inspection – What About Lead Based Paint?

What about inspections for lead-based paint and asbestos? Same reasons. They can cause major health issues. Again, the inspections are relatively inexpensive, but it is better to know that the problem is there than have your grand-kid digest lead-based paint. The complications can be deadly. 

In general, our belief is that money you spend on inspections, by Oregon-licensed and bonded professionals, is money well spent. For example, a 2,000 s.f. home built in 1940 might cost you $450 to inspect by a pro, but would you rather spend $450 and discover the roof, which would take $14,000 to replace, was folding like a cheap suit and spray-painted? Robert Burton said it best, in 1621 – “Penny wise, pound foolish.” Why a home inspection? Because they simply make sense for you.

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