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Meet Melissa Boyd

Meet Melissa Boyd
Melissa with her adorable pugs in the sunshine.

Meet Melissa Boyd! If you’re looking for an agent that takes her clients’ needs seriously by truly listening, educating, and being there above and beyond – then Melissa is your person. When Melissa walks into a room, you know that she’s not only a genuinely caring person, but also an educator at heart. This is a wonderful thing to have, especially with first time home buyers who are trying to navigate the intricate layers of real estate. From buying a home for your first time to selling a home in order to downsize, Melissa has the expertise to help serve you in your real estate journey.

Melissa teaching a 1st Time Home Buyer Class at our Keizer office.

Born Educator

Melissa is a born educator. She’s taught from Mississippi to Oregon, and from elementary school to university. This variety of perspectives in teaching eventually led Melissa to real estate. She applies her teaching skills when working with clients, too. Melissa determines what previous knowledge her clients have in real estate, and goes from there. She also encourages her clients to do a drive-by of homes they are interested in, and to get a feel for the neighborhood. She’ll ask them, “Can you see yourself bringing home groceries? How does that feel?” It’s important to do this, because as we all know, how you feel about a place is a pretty good gauge on whether you should move on to another home of interest, or perhaps this is the home for you and your family.

When it comes to the details and marketing skills, Melissa has you covered. Melissa uses her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition and previous Technical Writing teaching expertise to better serve her clients. This comes into play when the smallest details matter most in a contract, and also makes for providing great marketing skills for her Sellers. Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, Melissa uses her stealth educator skills to better serve you.

Caring for Community

Meet Melissa Boyd
Melissa takes care of her clients, and that means safety first…sprinkled with some fun, of course.

Melissa goes the extra mile with her clients. During the pandemic, Melissa has been checking-in on her clients to make sure they’re doing okay. She’s even helped some of her clients with an appointment they may need to get to or making sure they get food deliveries to their home. Because, that’s just the kind of person Melissa is. She really cares about the people in her community.

Melissa having fun with other agents on our team for the bocce ball tournament for charity!

Our agents at BST Realty LLC are here to serve you and your unique needs in real estate. We are also an affiliate for the Homes for Heroes program, which helps teachers and other essential workers in the buying or selling of their home. We are so lucky to have Melissa, and all of our wonderful agents as a part of our team. Give us a ring if you’re thinking about making that next move, whatever it may be. We are here to help you on your real estate adventure.

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