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Horseback Riding

As the days get colder, the forest gets greener. Sometimes it’s the perfect time to go on a hike when you need a little solace from your day to day routine. Because, there are just less people out on the trail. Other times, it may be a great day to take a horse on the trail and go horseback riding. If you don’t know, Silver Fall State Park has some great horse trails. Whether you’re a hiker or a horseback rider, it’s fun to see these wonderfully beautiful creatures out on the trail.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding on the trail at Silver Fall State Park

Getting back in the Saddle

Did you grow up on a farm as a kid? Are you thinking about getting back in the saddle as it were? Fond memories of getting your saddle ready and moseying about on the farm with your pony may be popping into your mind. Or, perhaps you had a lesson or two in the past. Maybe you’d like that feeling of working with horses in the outdoors again. Then, Silver Falls Lodge offers just the thing. They offer guided horseback rides from late spring to early autumn. You may also be thinking now’s the time to get more serious, then the Whitewind Farm in Mount Angel may be a place for you to check-out. It provides riding lessons, boarding, and much more.

Hitting the Trail

In the Willamette Valley, there are so many choices out there to explore. Our job is to make sure you get what you’re asking for, and that the journey there is smooth and as enjoyable as possible. A bit like taking a horse out on the trail. At first, it may be a bit intimidating, maybe because you haven’t ridden for a while. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are here to smooth out the bumps in the road, so that way you can enjoy the ride. So, give us a ring, and let’s start the real estate journey together.

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