Joyful Wishes

The holidays keep rolling on by with pumpkin spice and everything nice. Joyful wishes of the holiday are here with a cornucopia of possibilities. This Thanksgiving we know things may be a little different from past years. Perhaps you’re able to be with some of your loved ones. Or, maybe it’s just a fun time where grandma and grandpa join you over Zoom at the table. Whether you’re working over the holidays or spending it with family, we hope that you’re safe and can take some time to relax. And…possibly win that annual wishbone competition and get your wish granted. Maybe you fondly remember the times you had a bake-off with your cousins, or how your aunt finally shared grandma’s recipe for the best egg nog. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, our wish is that the holiday brings you joy.

Joyful Wishes

Joy from Supporting Your Community

Joy is an interesting thing. The feeling can be brought about in many ways. Sometimes joy happens when that special someone remembers something you really like and gives it to you. If that’s your jam, then there are so many wonderful local businesses out there to support. Buying local means you support your community, and that’s a powerful thing. Instead of clicking on that quick Amazon purchase (which a lot of us do), take a moment and think if there’s a local shop you could support.

The Our Town news recently published an article about the many artists and artisans that provides a vast array of businesses to choose from. Some of these businesses include the lovely Shayla Lynn Jewelry store for something that adds that sparkle, Apples to Oranges for your favorite tea or yarn, and much more. If you’re looking for a unique gift that also supports your community, then that’s the ticket. And, some of these stores also offer online shopping options.

You may also receive your joy by volunteering your time to others who are in need. Perhaps you will serve food at your local church, deliver essential items to homes, or purchase some gifts off someone’s wish list at Shangri-La. However you find joy, we hope that you are filled with it this holiday. We love supporting our community and you in one of the most important moments in life…buying or selling your home, because that’s just what we’re about. Here’s to making all your wishes come true this holiday and brightening other’s lives, too.

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