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Wonderful Holiday Activities

In the Willamette Valley, we have so many wonderful holiday activities to choose from. During this season it could be shopping for just the right stocking stuffer at a local shop, or perhaps it’s going out to find the perfect Christmas tree for your home. And, sometimes people literally decorate the trees in their yard to make the whole neighborhood just a bit more festive. This season may be a little different from past years, but there’s still some wonderful ways to show you’re in the spirit of the holidays.

Wonderful Holiday Activities

We are so lucky to have ready-access to agricultural land and temperate rain forest. One tradition among families is to go out to the Christmas tree farms and choose your favorite tree. Whether it be a classic Doug-Fir or possibly a Noble-fir, it’s fun to be able to search in the beautiful fresh air to find your tree. Perhaps there’s a tree farm you’ve been going to for years. The Hidden Lake Tree Farm and White Christmas Tree Farm, could be some great farms to visit. There’s also the Boy Scouts that sell trees right beside Roth’s in Silverton.

Whether you have had a tradition for years or are starting one, we hope that your holiday is full of joy and wonder. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are here to support your dreams of buying or selling real estate. It warms our hearts to help our clients reach their dreams. Home is where the heart is, after all. Give us a call, so we can begin working toward making your dreams a reality. Happy holidays!

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