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Meet Wendy Smith

Meet Wendy Smith! The center of her life has been families and homes for quite some time, so it only seems natural that she’s an expert when it comes to the buying and selling of homes! We are proud to have Wendy on our team. Wendy has so many wonderful qualities that make her simply the best when it comes to serving her clients. She is a down-to-earth mom who enjoys helping people. And, she will go up to bat for her clients using her expert negotiating skills to make sure they get what they want and then some. With Wendy’s love of working with people and an open and honest approach, she makes her clients feel right at home.

Meet Wendy Smith
Wendy awarded with Top Producer and 100%-Capped in 2020!

Wendy’s Journey into Real Estate

Wendy was a stay-at-home mom for about 16 years, so family is super important to her. It’s from that lifestyle that it only seemed logical to hop into real estate once the kiddos got older. It just made sense because she loves being with people and the flexibility to also spend time with her four daughters and husband. It’s simply the best of everything that she loves. In fact, her spouse’s work in the timber industry has also helped make her an expert when it comes to timber transactions. We are so happy that Wendy chose this path into real estate. She has made our community stronger. Wendy enjoys being an agent with BST Realty LLC because “…the people are genuine and with people’s best interest at heart.” It makes sense that Wendy would fit right in with our crew!

Exploring all that Oregon has to offer with her lovely family!

Buyers and sellers alike may sometimes feel stressed during a transaction. However, Wendy sees this as an opportunity to help them navigate that time and, “bring some peace and confidence,” whatever the situation may be. When asked about her approach, Wendy says, “My end goal really is just to be able to help people.” This type of attitude not only is present as an agent but threaded throughout her life. As you can tell, Wendy is an agent you want on your team. So, give Wendy a call, and start the pathway to your home dreams!

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