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Your Local Library

Can you remember when you were a child and went to the library for the first time? Perhaps it was for a children’s reading book, or you were along with your grandma while she picked up some of her favorite mystery novels. Libraries are foundational to a community. They provide a key to unlocking a bigger world. At BST Realty LLC, we value community, and this for sure includes our lovely libraries both big and little. Your local library serves as a pathway leading down a rabbit hole of what else is beyond. Are there any favorite books you’re thinking about now?

The wonderful Silver Falls Library.

Libraries provide so many important functions for our community. They can be a meeting place for people with a common interest. Libraries can also provide a bit of quiet from a busy home. Perhaps that quiet is needed to try and get a few bits of remote work finished before the day ends. Children may go there and discover Where the Wild Things Are, while young adults may stumble upon Lord of the Flies. Adults may want the latest romance novel, or perhaps a book about Japan – a place they’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t had the chance yet. Beyond the actual space of a library, you can also completely discover things online. Download an app for easy access to request the latest audiobook on how to be more mindful in a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster.

Now, there are also the wonderful little libraries you may notice sprinkled around neighborhoods. Those can be fun because they offer insight into what your neighbors may be interested in, and you may even find a book you didn’t even think about reading and all of a sudden are hooked! It’s a great way to be more connected to your neighbors . It’s also a way to give back. At BST Realty LLC, we love supporting community, and libraries are such an integral part of it!

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