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Strangely Famous

Have you seen the occasional movie production while taking a hike down your favorite trail in the woods? It’s funny to think that the pristine forest you wander about could also be the stuff of Hollywood productions. Although, the temperate rain forest of the Willamette Valley brings with it wonder and mystery. So, perhaps it does make sense that it’s strangely famous. Silver Falls State Park is a place where you may see the occasional film crew. It’s odd to see trailers and cars with a camera mounted to the top of them. But, that’s the life of cinema.

strangely famous

Right now, filming is happening in the backcountry horse trail. It’s possibly a murder mystery. There is a crane, possibly to film the aerial shots. This area is notorious for filming. You may have remembered the series Twilight filmed there years back. With the sometimes foreboding fog of winter rolling it, it makes for the perfect set. Just in time for the spookiness of Halloween as well. Speaking of Halloween, the Goblin Walk is coming up! And, we are having our annual photo contest for best costume! Bring on your most creative and ghoulish costumes. We can’t wait to see you while you’re trick-or-treating this year! The winner receives a mini-photo shoot with the talented Maddy Traver.

The Willamette Valley has so much to offer in all seasons. And with the chills of winter edging in, it ushers in Halloween and that crispness that brings out the greens of the forest like you’ve never seen. It may also signal a time to get cozy and chill with your favorite cup of hot cocoa. Or, it may mean that the trails are less traveled, so there’s a chance to take some solo walks and enjoy nature by yourself. Either way, there are so many lovely signals nature gives us, to let us know the seasons are changing. Those signals are so precious, that even Hollywood wants to give it its 15 minutes of fame.

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