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Trust Your Marbles

Trust in your real estate broker is crucial to have when making major life decisions. At BST Realty LLC, we have long-term relationships with our clients, because we know that trust may take some time, too. Perhaps it’s because you’ve had some less than desirable experience in the past before working with us. That’s okay. We understand the importance of building trust. It’s a foundational block to making sure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. As Brené Brown puts it, trust is a bit like adding and subtracting marbles from a jar. Now, if you’re new to hearing this idea, let’s elaborate a bit more on how to trust your marbles.

Trust Your Marbles

When you’re with someone, and they do something that demonstrates trust to you, you add a marble to that jar. It could be that they remembered an important day in your life, or they came through for you when you were having a tough time and needed someone to listen. It’s about showing that you’re reliable. It’s also about confidentiality. And, this goes both ways. You wouldn’t want your friend to talk badly about you, but you also wouldn’t want to necessarily hear your friend talking about others either, right? At BST Realty LLC, we do our best at representing our clients without getting into needless gossip. It’s about making sure our clients have all the information they need to make the most informed decisions. There are so many ways to build trust.

Each time someone demonstrates that you can trust them, you drop another marble into the jar. And, sometimes those jars become full! If you have jars full of marbles, that’s wonderful. If your jars aren’t that full, we are also here to help with that! Ethics is important to us, and we love building relationships that last. In other words, we are in it for the long haul. If you’re looking to build a trustworthy relationship with a brokerage, then look no further. Let’s talk, and get started on this grand real estate journey together!

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