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Meet Mary Cam

Meet Mary Cam, one of our expert agents! Mary makes sure that her clients are well taken care of, and that their real estate goals are achieved. She also offers over 20 years of experience in building homes. This means, when it comes to new construction, Mary has you covered and understands the complexities that may come with it. She is also a floral designer. Mary loves helping her clients make a great first impression for staging a home to sell. In addition to that, she is also bilingual and speaks both English and Russian. With all Mary’s expertise combined, she’s a wonderful broker to be on your side in real estate.

Mary’s Real Estate Journey and Style

Mary’s decision to get into real estate was easy. She was already in it when it came to the building homes. Her kids were grown, and she thought it was a good time to become a broker and get to know the other side of things. Another thing in alignment was her ability to transform spaces with her eye for aesthetics and floral design skills. Angela Lopez, Broker, was a big reason why Mary Cam chose to be a part of the BST Realty LLC seem team. She also enjoyed the sense of community and mentorship that came with it. In fact, some of BST Realty LLC’s holiday decorations are courtesy of Mary Cam! Now, when it comes to her approach with her clients, it’s all hands on deck. She makes sure she is in great communication with them. Communication is key, and Mary keeps her clients in the loop continually throughout the process.

Mary Cam’s floral design skills for our Keizer Office Christmas tree!

When Mary isn’t doing real estate, she is focused on family, her floral business, and growing tropical plants. Family is an important piece with celebrating over 25 years of marriage to her husband and having raised two great kids. She also adores creating floral arrangements, especially making Christmas arrangements that sparkle. Mary loves to make people happy. And, she thinks that real estate and flowers are some of the best ways to do that. If you’re thinking about taking the next steps into real estate, Mary will help guide you and make your experience even that much more beautiful.

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