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Doing Good in the Neighborhood

At BST Realty LLC, we believe in supporting our community. This is just one of the reasons our agents choose to be on our team. We are a local business that makes sure the people we interact with don’t think they’re just a number. And, we want people to understand that we care about them. Whether it be helping a client through the real estate process or a new agent learn the tools to make them more successful, we love being a part of all of it. This also spills into providing service for the community in many ways. Doing good is just a part of who we are. We love seeing our agents continue to cultivate that service beyond the brokerage.

Cultivating Community

Nicole Fratangelo is one of those agents that continually contributes to community. She is involved in the Walk for Alzheimer’s and visits a retirement community she used to work at, too. Other agents on our team are involved with organizations that support people with disabilities, provide food to those in need, and much more. It only makes sense to give back to community. We feel it’s essential and a duty of ours to make sure we take care of our own. Because, after all, we are stronger together. When someone in our community rises, we all do. That is why we are also a proud affiliate for the Homes for Heroes program. This program provides a pathway for people like teachers and firefighters to get some money back when they buy or sell a home.

In fact, if you have bought or sold a home with us, then there is a good chance that those proceeds have gone to support a community service. Doing good in the neighborhood comes full circle. So, if you’re looking around for a real estate brokerage that speaks to you and your values, we may just be the one. Because we believe in going above and beyond our clients’ needs as well as offering our service to the greater community. Let’s talk and get started on making your real estate goals a reality. We are here to provide simply the best service and make our community stronger while doing so.

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