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National Library Week

We love supporting community in so many ways. And, we are so excited about National Library Week! Did you know that we are involved with the Silverton Kiwanis Club? The Silverton Kiwanis Club supports the wonderful Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program. If you don’t know what that it, it’s essentially a program that provides free books for children from birth until school age. It’s a truly great way to make sure kiddos are on track for school and also getting inspired by books at such a young age. Our own Brittney Black, Principle Broker and Office Manager at the Molalla Office, is actually the Vice President of the Silverton Kiwanis Club. So, she knows first-hand how the program works.

Exploring through Reading

What are some books that you cherished as a child? It could be “Goodnight Moon,” or perhaps something to do with Mother Goose. Books have a way of expanding our minds into all the possibilities of what could be. Imagination is a powerful thing. Kiddos may be able to become the creative problem solvers of the world if it’s cultivated at a young age, too. We are so happy to be a part of supporting such great programming like the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Think about the libraries you ventured to as a kid. Do you remember the librarian “Shushing,” you? Did you have a favorite librarian? One that made you look wide-eyed for what would be on the next page? Or, were you able to sneak a peak in a comic section to see the latest “Batman” comic book down one of the book isles? Libraries can be the doorways into something absolutely magical. AT BST Realty LLC, we will continue to support community to the utmost with simply the best team. And, we can’t wait to see what magic will bring for this year when it comes to our amazing libraries!

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