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National Do Something Good for your Neighbor Day

It’s National Do Something Good for your Neighbor Day! What a wonderful day to think about the people that live in your community. At BST Realty LLC, we love figuring out new ways of supporting our community. It could be as simple as checking-in with your neighbor while both of you are tending to your yards. Or, perhaps you’re mighty good at baking and whip up a batch of fresh cookies just because you’re sweet. Maybe you’re taking care of their adorable fur ball, Socks, while they’re away on vacation. Other times, neighbors are there during moments that they are needed most. For example, if they are in no shape to go to the emergency room and you are there to help them into your car and get them to safety. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it actually does happen that way at times. It’s not just about being a good neighbor, it’s about being a good human being that cares about others.

Whose going to take care of Socks?

Celebrating and Being There

Neighbors are there to help celebrate with you. They are also there listen when things are a bit tough in life. Good neighbors are honestly just priceless. When friends or family aren’t nearby, they are there to lean on. Heck, your neighbors are most likely your friends and could be some family as well (see Everybody Love’s Raymond.). At BST Realty LLC, supporting our community is a major we think about being neighborly. If you have bought or sold a home with us, then a portion of the proceeds went to supporting community services such as Sheltering Silverton, SACA, Keizer Community Food Bank, and much more. We believe in doing these things, because it’s our duty.

So, next time you see your neighbor, think about how you may add to their life. It doesn’t have to be just for National Do Something Good for your Neighbor Day. It can just be a way of paying it forward as it were. And, also it helps strengthen the relationships of the community on the block as well. You’d be surprised how just a little generosity can multiply tenfold. When you’re thinking about the buying or selling of a home, give us a call. We’ll make sure to provide you simply the best service in real estate. Let’s all be neighborly to one another, shall we?

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