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Memorial Day Weekend Activities

Memorial Day is a time to remember the people who gave their lives so that we may be able to live more freely. It’s a bit of a somber time, but it’s also a time that people go out to relax and have fun with the long weekend. In the Willamette Valley, there are so many activities and events to attend. Quite frankly, it’s hard to choose from. That’s how we do it in Oregon though. Come spring, we are always looking for more ways to get outside and be with the people we care about. From the Oregon Garden Resort to picnics in the park, let’s explore what this weekend has to offer us.

Memorial Day

First off, in Silverton you can enjoy music at the Oregon Garden Resort by Phoenix. Or, perhaps you want to take a dip at Silverton’s Reservoir.  In Keizer, there is the Memorial Day Picnic, where there is some BBQ, games, music, and more. With everything in bloom, you may also want to peruse the Schreiner’s Iris Garden’s Bloom in Salem. Of course, there are other ways to reflect on Memorial Day as well and honor those who gave our lives while serving our country. This can be done by paying one’s respects at a cemetery. Perhaps, putting flowers out to celebrate and remember the life of a courageous person who served our country.

This particular holiday can be quite bittersweet. With the freedom of an extra day on our calendar, to remember the people who are responsible for upholding our freedoms. At BST Realty LLC, we celebrate community in so many different ways. For example, we are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. And, some of the heroes included in this program are veterans. This Memorial Day, wish you time for some R&R, and also remembrance for those who served.

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