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A Total Eclipse of the small town!


It will be a new benchmark in the history of our small town and the entire Willamette Valley, Eclipse 2017. It will be part of our conversation and in our recitations of history forever. My imagination cannot help but wonder what stories and events will be told of this time in our lives.

How prepared are you to view the Eclipse? We have found some resources, both practical and fun, to make sure your week goes smoothly and that you enjoy this event to the fullest!

Silverton has created a temporary Facebook page to help our community stay informed for traffic and events during the Eclipse. Here is a link to join!

Silverton eclipse weekend 2017

Safety during a Solar Eclipse is crucial so we went straight to the source to see what precautions should be taken to ensure your eclipse is safe! Here is the link to NASA’s page for safety during a total solar eclipse.

NASA Safe Eclipse! 

Here is a link to an article to make sure you don’t miss any of the magic on the big day!

Weird things that happen during a total eclipse!

Where will you be for Eclipse 2017?

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