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Silverton Schools Soar!

Silver Falls Schools were in the top 10 in Oregon for reading! With Victor Point ranking 7th and Evergreen ranking 8th, Silverton has a lot to be proud of. Here is a link to read about it!



Photos curtesy of Silver Falls School District

Any where you go you can see what is important to people by what they spend their time and resources on. I think it is very evident in the quality of education here in Silverton that the next generation is very important to us! It is easy to see why these kids have excelled when you see the people who are teaching them really invest in their lives and push them towards greatness. I can testify to this first hand knowing so many educators and facilitators in this community personally and seeing their passion for young people! The devotion that this town has for it’s schools truly sets it apart. Silver Falls School District should be applauded! Just one more thing that puts Silverton on the top as a fabulous place to live!

It reminds me a little  of, “Lake Wobegon, Where all the woman are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are above average.”-Garrison Keillor

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