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Flipping For Silverton Gymnastics Academy!

Heart and Soul are poured out daily at Silverton Gymnastics Academy! This fairly new treasure has been gaining momentum since the Storey family bought it January of 2017 and it shows no signs of slowing down! Celia and Todd Storey along with their daughters Justice (Coach) and Ella (Gymnast) combine their love for gymnastics with their love for building up kids and families. The recipe is magic and has become contagious!

The whole staff genuinely cares for each little one that comes through their station and celebrates with them every accomplishment! The large school bell rings out as little arms tug on it, faces beaming with pride at their new skill! When the buzzer sounds, the room shouts together the phrase of the month. May is “I can, I will”. These new skills are not easy to come by either. The kids work hard and sweat for their prize and their confidence grows. Through it all, they never stop having fun! The coaching staff are truly amazing! They have made an art of making hard things fun and turning learning new skills into a continuous game. Kids rarely stand in line and are always on the move from station to station!

 “I cannot get enough of coaching!  My coaching goals do not just include skill progression on the gym floor, but character development in life as well.   I think it’s very important to teach our children to be good role models, to build good character and learn important life skills that will help them become amazing young adults.  I believe in positive coaching wherein I teach the children to believe in themselves by setting, reaching for and attaining their goals.- Coach Celia Storey 

The Storeys along with Coach Bryan Wilson brought this magic all the way from East Texas and Silverton is all the richer for them! Over 550 kids are currently enrolled in their program making an equal amount of happy faces! The bottom line is that SGA is equipping kids with tools that will impact the rest of their lives. From athletic skills to life skills young people grow in confidence and walk out every day just a little taller! Well done SGA, well done!!

You can contact SGA


1206 Eska Way

Silverton OR, 97381

Or visit their website for more information!






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Silverton Office 503-874-4666

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