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Catch ‘Em Doing Something Right!

Catch ‘Em Doing Something Right!


We love the kids in our town. They are a terrific bunch, from the littles who grace us with their presence while in full Halloween costumes during the Goblin Walk to the incredible Silverton High School Choir that just won the State 5-A Championship. In fact, there is a sign in our office, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, that says, “No Man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.” (We must add that although the quote is 158 years old, there are a lot of women standing every bit as tall when helping our youth).

We also have the utmost respect and admiration for our law enforcement officers, the men and women who keep us safe. Officers across the country put their lives at risk every time they step into their uniforms. But the nature of the job is such that controversies happen. We know that kids see some of this controversy on television and social media, and the ugliness that can happen when valid citizen protests go awry.

For our part at Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, we want to help build a bridge between our kids, who often receive criticism because they are growing up in a substantially different time than when we were raised, and the police, who are the ones called upon to enforce the rules.  “Get off the sidewalk with your skateboard!” “Where is that kid’s helmet?” “Why are those kids running around the restaurant when I just came in for a peaceful dinner?”

We want our kids to see what we see – Good people protecting us. We want our police to see good kids doing good things, as responsible citizens. Starting May 21st, The Silverton Police are going to be on the lookout for kids doing the right thing. “Catch ‘em doing something right.” When they do, the officer will hand the child a card of thanks for being good citizens that entitles the cardholder to a free Friday ice cream cone or dish from the Main Street Bistro or Silver Creek Coffee Station.

In this day and age with people quick to criticize, pre-judge, judge, and condemn, let’s create a bridge between the kids of today (and leaders of tomorrow) and the men and women in blue. As the old song goes, “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative.”


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2 Replies to “Catch ‘Em Doing Something Right!”

  1. We knew we loved you, Dixon and Lisa and…. — from your writings, Dixon, from your caring about humanity in general, for your gentleness and understanding, Lisa. We were SO fortunate to have you as our realtors at a difficult time of our life. We will always remember…. but THIS – THIS is genius – what a great idea! Thank you for all you do for our community and for people in general.

  2. Absolutly wonderful program! If my memory serves me a similar campaigh was done in the 80’s with A&W cones.

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