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Remarkable Agents

At BST Realty LLC, we strive to provide simply the best service. This pertains to real estate, and also extends into service with our community. Our agents are remarkable, to say the least. During the year, we take time to acknowledge our agents’ accomplishments. This includes our Top Producers awards. These agents have demonstrated excellence in categories such as Rookie of the Year, #1 in Closed Transactions, and #1 in Sales. We couldn’t be happier with amazing jobs our agents are doing. Thank you to our team for going above and beyond!

remarkable agents

Acknowledging Agent Accomplishments

Alisha Burk and Erica Rumpca, brokers, won awards for being Rookies of the Year as Top Producers. They both hit the ground running with real estate, and demonstrated stellar skills to achieve brilliant results. Angela Lopez, Broker, is a seasoned agent that received an award for Top Producer who was #1 in Closings. As most know, closing a deal can sometimes be a difficult feat. However, with Angela, she is able to use her expert knowledge in financing and more to help her clients achieve their goals. Dixon Bledsoe, Principal Broker, showed exemplary work by achieving Top Producer who was #1 in Sales. Dixon has been with the brokerage since the very beginning and brings much wisdom in both residential and commercial real estate.

In addition to the agents mentioned above, there were many more agents who received the honorable award of Top Producer. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication it takes to make things happen and provide simply the best service. At BST Realty LLC, we celebrate these accomplishments, and we look forward to how our agents will continue to demonstrate excellence in their field. We love supporting one another. Because, when we lift one another up, we lift the whole team up to a higher level. Let’s make 2022 another time to level up with performance and grit. Give us a call, so we can begin this real estate journey together. We look forward to serving you!

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